How To Add An Opt-In For a Newsletter or Report to Your Facebook Profile

So you want to ask your friends to opt-in to your newsletter or special report? Well, there are applications on Facebook that can help.

I decided to share a short tutorial using one of the applications.

What You Will Need

You will need a program that generates the opt-in script. I strongly recommend Practice Pay Solutions or Aweber. Both will generate the code for you without being a programmer. Of course if you have a programmer in your back pocket you probably should not waste time reading this at all.

You will need make up your mind that you can do this and will do it before you shut off the computer!

Ok, let’s get started.

1.  Sign on to your Facebook  account

2.  Look to the bottom of your screen  on the left.

3.  Click on Applications

4. Click on Browse  More Applications


5.  Search for html profile box


6.  Select an application ( I am choosing Profile Box for this tutorial and in real life)


7.  Click Go to Application


8.  Paste the code you generated from Practice Pay or Aweber. You can erase the existing code

9.  Click on Add to Profile



10.  Choose where you want to add the Profile Box Application to your Profile. It can go on your Wall and Info Tab or Boxes Tab

I have choosen Wall and Info Tab



Share this free special report with all your non-blogging friends and family.


You do it and please let me know what you did.

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