How To Be a Guest Blogger

You can be a guest blogger as well as have guest bloggers. This is a really good post from one of the super blogging experts, Problogger. He is via a guest blogger talking about guest blogging, showing you some great guidelines for having guest bloggers.

I was a guest blogger for an entire week on the Baby Boomer Knowledge Center. It was a great opportunity and got me loads of traffic.  It contained podcasts of interviews I did with several great baby boomers. Hence, I decided to keep it going and set up a blog with the name of the post called, Baby Boomers Bustin Loose. I am about to post another interview up there today.

Of course, my strategy is to have more guest bloggers on this site as well as our other sites like my hubby’s, Midlife Guitar, Points for PresentersRosies Boomer Review, and a few more later. Oh, almost forgot, if you are an early childhood educator I am looking for guest posts with activity guides for Crumbsnatcher.

 So if you are interested and have meaty content, (or vitamin filled veggies) email me at

So check out the excellent post right now!

1 thought on “How To Be a Guest Blogger

  1. I was one of those who followed you during your week as a guest blogger. You did a fine job with putting the whole “Bustin Loose” project together.

    You’re right—beig a guest blogger on someone else’s site has the potentialfor GREAT EXPOSURE!

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