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How to be a Weekly Blogger-Insights From a Business Blogger

Grab a cup of green tea and check out this video from a business blogger presenting at a WordPress conference.


18 comments to How to be a Weekly Blogger-Insights From a Business Blogger

  • Poor video eventhough the content is very good and useful.

  • I really like the information presented in the video, but it could really use more enhancement in the audio..

  • Dean.C

    Thanks for sharing with us this update, hopefully I can spot the video… 🙂

  • Cley

    Thanks for sharing! I like the information in the video though its not that good.

  • Ethan

    What a useful information you have posted! Many many thanks for share this. I think it will help all the blogger. Can you have any post about Social-bookmarking?

    Good job,

  • Bianca

    I love the information in the video..

    Though it needs some enhancement..
    Thanks for sharing..

  • Kyla

    This is really a great insight ideas, well indeed thought that I need to remember for good and effective way of blogging…

  • Gracie

    To get more traffic to a blog, the content needs to be good, and regular (daily is ideal), on a relatively popular subject, and also there needs to be a good backlinking strategy. Income also depends on how you are monetizing (AdSense, Amazon, or other), and how well that monetization works itself. As you probably know, AdSense income per click can vary from zero up to around $30 or so, according to keyword. If there are Amazon products directly relevant to your blog, then Amazon will usually make more money than AdSense. Again, different products on Amazon will generate very different incomes. If you are starting a new Blog, then doing good keyword research initially can make a huge difference to the income of the blog. For existing blogs, do keyword research, and make sure your blog post titles use keywords with the best ratio of searches/Google-results-in-quotes.

  • Michael

    I really liked your post! I’ll be pinning it on my pinterest!

  • Terry D. Jackson

    I really appreciate this post, It has a lot of good information!

  • Clarice

    Having an advance insight towards blogging is the best way to plan very well/ become a worthy blogger… Very indeed video..

  • Elizabeth

    I think this presentation is not about how good does quality video is, it’s all about how worthy in this video support for…Being a worthy business blogger is quite pressure but they are able to create some new that will make their stuff more productive… Thanks for sharing this great blog…

  • Lacey12

    How I wish I could attend also this business blogger presenting at a WordPress conference, I know that I can learned here a lot of things to become a well effective blogger…

  • Sandra92

    Blogger must acquire this kind of attitude, advance insight that will help us to deal every unexpected things in our life…

  • THANK YOU for visiting and all that you do.

  • Jeniffer Bloom

    I loved the contents of the video.
    Thanks for sharing.


  • Kamilla Lecher

    The information was very helpful.

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