How to Log into a WordPress blog-The Basic Two Step Approach

All bloggers please ignore this post! This is for anyone who is reading blogs but still do not have a blog. We just wanted to write the basic overlooked two steps for logging into the blog. There may be other ways someone out there gets in but here is the basic two step approach.

Follow the following steps to get you to the administration panel:
Step 1.
Go to the top of your browser and enter www.thenameofyourblog/wp-admin
Step 2.
Enter your Username and Password that was assigned to you

Now you are at the adminstration panel and the fun begins!

6 thoughts on “How to Log into a WordPress blog-The Basic Two Step Approach

  1. Thank you for this. Believe it or not, I could not find this in the wordpress documentation!!!!

  2. My site is blocked in UAE. So I am not able to access my login page either (/wp-login.php). Is there any way to login. Via some plugin or software to continue posting in my site.

    So that I can continue my service to viewers from other country.

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