How To Use Google Trends

The jouney into space exploring Google Labs continues. I have keyed in terms like blogging, baby boomers and coin collecting. Very interesting to see the trends in different countries. Also several news articles often appear.

As I explore Google Trends I found a specimen on this planet that gives you the information needed to make the best use of this site.

Has anyone actually created a csv file?

If anyone responds then I will feel ok about traveling to the next destination that promises to save you money.

6 thoughts on “How To Use Google Trends

  1. A .csv file is simply a comma deliminted file. It is a flat file that is suitable for importing into Excel or another spreadsheet program (probably the most used) or into a database.

  2. HA – HA! A flat file means it is not a database. It’s just a file that is x characters long with fields separated by commas.

  3. This is a gold mine of information! Rosie, you always bring us the latest and greatest and I look forward to each post and finding out what I need to know as a blogging boomer. Thanks for your research and sharing your valuable tips, sites and great ideas with us!

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