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I Blog Because…

Have you ever thought about why you blog?

 I blog because I am happy?

I blog because it is fun? I blog to make money?

I blog to escape boredom?

I blog for therapy?

 I blog because I am a boomer and I want to exercise my brain?

Why do you blog?

4 comments to I Blog Because…

  • I blog because it’s a fun way to express my inner self with the world on topics I don’t normally get a chance to share with people.

  • I blog because I love to write and to express my thoughts and opinions on various topics. Now that I am no longer working in a newsroom setting, I am free to voice my true opinions—a journalist unleashed!

  • I blog for many reasons:

    So I don’t lose cool stuff I learn, known to forget things but I can always find my blog.

    I blog to answer questions one person has, others will have the same question, great way to share knowledge.

    I blog because it helps me gain exposure for my business.

    Most importantly, blogging provides a way for all to freely share their thoughts, opinions talents with rest of the world.

  • I blog because I’m a writer who wants to share her travels with boomers so they’ll get up off the couch and go. However, my blog is not a hobby. It’s a business and I approach it that wy.

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