I Learned How to Create My First Blog After Using Video Tutorials

I took my time and learned how to create my first blog using this really cool service. I was frustrated trying to create a website. So, I tried my hand at blogging. I discovered a great site  that allowed me to learn from video tutorials.

I sat down for only a couple of sessions and learned how to do a blogger blog. Later, just last year, I learned how to work with WordPress.org. And because I still subscribed to the service I was able to go back and look at those videos.

So, if you want to grab a couple of free sessions go to Baby Boomer Software Training and check it out.

Also check out Baby Boomer Audio if you want to put sound on your sites.

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  1. You know more than Wikipedia! I am still working through the information you gave me after our interview. I will add this to my to do list as well. Thank you, Rosie. You are ‘da bomb!

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