Insights About Budding Blogging Boomers

Many boomers I speak with are emerging bloggers. They may not be blogging yet but they are still thinking about why they should bother about blogging. Some are wondering how it will benefit their business. While others are hesitant because of their lack of or resistance to computer technology.

Still others are blogging with blogger or wordpress. They may be doing it on a regular basis or whenever they think about it. But at least they put a blog into action. There is also an entire world of bloggers who want to know more about the technical aspects or desire to have more functions such as plugins or widgets and lean towards wordpress.

Whatever your situation we want to understand.We are listening. We want to help the emerging blogging because someone helped us. So keep reading this blog, share with others and let us know how best to help.

Also, we also know that the younger generation has the information and us boomers have the experience. Thus, we are committed to learning as much of the information from the younger generation as possible so please take time, those of you under 45, to visit and give the insights. We will be glad to also share the the wisdom.

Ray and Rosie Horner

Old School

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