Is Super Bowl Time A Great Time For Tech Support?

The Super Bowl is has become an American Icon of activity that grabs the attention of millions yearly. However, last year instead of watching the game I watched my computer screen. I decided to contact tech support for issues that related to my hosts.

That is when I got an eye opening discovery. It was easy to get head of the line on all my calls because many folks were busy watching the game. That’s right, if the the servers I called was in the time zones of the game it was like going to the movies. The lines were not long.

Now, of course a lot has to do with the type of host you may have. I only deal with hosts that have 24/7 support. If you look in the side bar of this blog I listed three that are boomer friendly. There are more but I only have but so much real estate on my site.

The bottom line is I look for hosts that you get a real person even if it is 3:00 in the morning.  I also try to figure out the best times to reach them, like the time of the Super Bowl. So, in case you are wondering,  after church, after dinner, after my guest leave, I have some issues I hope to resolve. One is with a host that is boomer friendly but not friendly. Oh, but that is another story and no, they are not on my sidebar. But tomorrow , while the Super Bowl is churning out excitement,  I hope to have my own TOUCH DOWN!


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