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Join the Membership Site of Blogging 4 Boomers

Blogging4Boomers has a great membership site and a powerful teleseminar series. I am listening to them and learning so much from the blogging genius that contribute to and run the site.

It is also a great example of domain name variation. Follow the example of Blogging 4 Boomers. When they are on a teleseminar they are careful to spell out the name. You should do the same thing if you are interviewed or discuss your domain name with someone.

Fellow bloggers it is a big blog world out there and we can all continue to contribute to it in a positive difference making way as baby boomers!

Ray and Rosie

1 comment to Join the Membership Site of Blogging 4 Boomers

  • Hey there Rosie, I love this blog and the template..as you know I spent the day yesterday template-hunting and loved this one, so am happy to see it here!

    Also, loads of helpful info here as always! I want to bookmark this, and in time, all your other blogs. I’ll be back!


    Claudia, one of your fellow NJ Boomers

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