Just Because I Blog Does Not Mean I Do Not Get Frustrated!

Yes, I am a boomer that blogs and right now I am frustrated. I am trying to upload a plug in to my wordpress site. I have read the almost greek read me file by the developer and it burns my brain. Now, it will get done but not after I take a deep prayer breath and attempt to play with this code.

No, I do not know PHP yet. I have it on my agenda to finish the online tutorials in VTC. But right now, I am just ready to get my plugin working. So why am I writing this? Because I want you to know that frustrated times will come. But it is not a time to give up. If you are very tired when this happens I do suggest walking away, do something relaxing for a while and come back later. NEVER EVER LET BLOGGING STRESS YOU OUT!

There is so much I do not know and so much I want to learn. I have learned a lot from folks like Cathy, thewordpresswizard and others. But one of the things about learning is it takes a lot of reflection on why you are doing what you are doing. Does that make any sense? You see I am on a mission and have several goals. I plan, pray and produce to make them happen.

And I really mean it if you pray, pray. Sometimes the answer comes right away or later. It may just be a reminder of who to call besides Ghostbusters(smile). But one thing I have discovered is that when the problem is solved you really know it and can help someone else.

So when any of you reading this post get frustrated about blogging and want a listening ear just give me an email or phone hollar. After all that’s what this blog is all about-helping boomers who blog or those who want to get started.

So thanks for listening and I am going to give this plugin placement in my sidebar another try.


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