Migrate Your Blogger Blog to WordPress.com(Hosted)

You can easily migrate your Blogger blog to the hosted WordPress.com. Now, note I did not say WordPress.org. WordPress.org must be self-hosted. That means you pay for monthly hosting.
Whereas, WordPress.com is hosted and you do not pay WordPress.com for hosting the site.
I always refer to WordPress.com as the homeless shelter. It is great for starting your sitess and getting a good feel for blogging. But at some point you will, hopefully, move to an apartment or a house. Thet would be WordPress.org.
But WordPress.com , like Blogger.com will give you instant internet presence. I am thankful for how that has helped me and others.

6 thoughts on “Migrate Your Blogger Blog to WordPress.com(Hosted)

  1. Well Rosie, you didit again! Taught me a new lessonand it was so well explained, thanks so much!
    Now, my problems with my blogspot blog, are a thing of the past, moved Freesiafever over to WordPress, can do much more with it!

    Have kept the original, just going to simplify, use ONLY for advertising. 🙂


  2. I’m insanely afraid to move to wordpress. I considered it before, but then upon examining it, I saw that it had a lot of things you have to pay for. Blogger seems to have more free gadgets, however the comment notification doesn’t exist so if someone were to comment on my comment, they wouldn’t know.

  3. Katie, there is comment notification on WordPress as well as Blogger. Also, yes, WordPress.com says you must upgrade for more memory, to use your own domain name and other things. But hopefully, by the time you ever get to that point you will be ready to move to a self-hosted site. You will have more control that way. I am going to visit your site. So much depends on your current and future goals as well as your reasons for blogging.
    But we can talk more. Thanks for the comment.

  4. YOu know I agree with you about paying for hosting but there are some free wordpress hosted solutions. I say this because wordpress doesn’t allow for affiliate profitting on your blog. Just my two cents

  5. thanks for your comment. Are you referring the the VIP hosted solution by WordPress.com. WordPress.org is self hosted and you can do any kind of marketing you want

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