More Insights on Young Search Engine Mahalo

In the first part of the series Beyond Google, MSN and Yahoo I posted earlier about the young search engine in Hawaii called Mahalo.

Now this site just added a really dynamite  (You can tell I am a boomer) feature called Follow 2.o. The feature has the following description:

Quickly recommend links to Mahalo
Click “Yes” on the toolbar to open the recommend a link form prefilled with the url and title of the page you are on

Never miss amazing Mahalo results
Search anywhere and always view Mahalo results when your search matches a Mahalo page

Discover great links as you browse the web
Follow detects relevant Mahalo pages based on the content of the page you’re viewing

Now the feature must be downloaded to your browser which can be Internet Explorer or Firefox. They make it really easy and give clear instructions if you need to reset your browser to accept the download. Once it is done you can recommend any link you want while you are on the page. Plus, hold on for this one, you can write a brief description of the site.

That means you can submit your own sites and  brag about them. If you want the search engine to consider develop a page for your tags and area not covered by the search engine, it will consider it and send you an email when it is done.

So just like the picture below, you can populate this new search engine lake with the ducks of your  choice! Have fun!


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