New Blogger? Returning Blogger? Now is the Time to Work on Muscle Memory

blogging muscle memory

The other day an exercise teacher told the class that we would develop muscle memory if we kept repeating certain exercises. My question was “What if your muscles get dementia. But what she said made sense and I have started sharing that concept in my blogging classes. The more you blog the more you really do remember and can blog faster with less pain.

Try it. Set a goal today to create at least seven (7) blog posts in the next five (5) days. You can send me the links, if you wish, and I will visit. That helps to increase my comment memory. (smile)

Take care


3 responses to “New Blogger? Returning Blogger? Now is the Time to Work on Muscle Memory”

  1. I’m definately going to take you up on this challenge! Will try and get a couple more bloggers involved as well,

    wish me luck!

  2. Interesting. I wonder if that works like the actual muscle in our body when we workout?

  3. Hey – I just started a blog this past week. Found your site today and am thankful for the help. I’m going to try and keep up with the post a day. If anything, just to get my muscle memory stronger.

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