Boomer roll call

I am finding that it is a big boomer blogging world out there. So if you are reading this and you are a blogging boomer please let us know. Tell us your site and what it is about. Also please tell others why you are blogging.
I am convinced this will help newer bloggers as well as those still shy about blogging.
Ray and Rosie

Boomer-Are You Ready To Blog?-7 Things You Should Do Before You Start-Part 4

Before you start blogging decide on WHY YOU ARE BLOGGING! What is your objective? There are so many reasons why people blog. Some of them I have run across are listed below.

  • To be seen as an expert in their niche by current and potential customers.
  • To systematically write a book with a series of postings
  • To rant about issues.
  • To be the “go to person” for the latest updates. (For example, gossip about entertainers, news, etc)
  • To provide a platform for others to discuss common interests.
  • To share information gained on a new area of interest.
  • To earn money via ads, affiliates, product sales, memberships, coaching,etc
  • To direct traffic to a static website.
  • Because non-boomers are blogging we do not want to be left out.

I did not cover every reason but please feel free to share more. Make a comment below.


Boomer-Locate a Consultant to Assess Your Workstation

I located a directory of ergonomic consultant. If you visit this link you will be able to specify a location and find a consultant that will come to your home office. I plan to find someone to come to my office for an evaluation of my workstation. You can also call a local college or university to see if they have industrial hygienists that will be able to assist you. Although I have read material and made changes I am convinced that like Rhea and Cecelia have indicated it just makes sense if we are going to be bloggers.

But there are some things I can keep doing now and that is keep my posture good and get up stretch , walk around and dance when stressed.(smile) Hey, if I do that with each stressful moment I could lose weight.


Blogging-Pain in the Neck?

No, I am not just talking about the frustrations you can get trying to figure stuff out. But I am talking about the money and time spent with massages and physical therapists working on my NECK. I found that I can prevent so much my self.

A yoga class has increased my awareness about tuning in to my body. So when I am intense and focused on my computer screen my neck moves forward. My shoulder blades try to introduce themselves to each other and all my tensions have a networking party in my neck.

What Can I Do?

  • I must do neck stretches even while at the computer.
  • I must get up and stretch my whole body about every hour.
  • I should not multi-task as much (Not a boomer thing)
  • I should do deep breaths.
  • I do walk away when things are too much to figure out.

Have I arrived yet? No, right now I have that one-sided pain in the neck and headache soooo I am going to get up, stretch, do another task besides phone work , paper work, or presentation work. I am going to put on some music and do the boomer blogging dance.

Bummer, Ray is not here to join me so it is ok to have my own blogging dance performance.

Does anyone remember the funky chicken? “Get on the good foot?” or some great gospel will work.

What’s your favorate de-stressing boomer music to move by?

Blogging Health

Sitting for long hours can take it’s toll on our bodies.Right now Hubby’s shoulder is hurting. I went through the same thing several months ago. I am blaming the mouse. Well, not directly but it was the wrongful posture and position of my computer keyboard and screen.

Also neck pain was enhanced because of poor posture and position of the screen. So if you are going to blog or already blogging watch your food intake as how you computer screen. keyboard and chair is positioned.

You know what you can do? Google ergonomics and look at the pictures of the right way to sit, etc.

I am referring you to this link with pictures that will be on the f rst page and is very good.

Ray already made more changes today. He lowered the mouse so that it was the same level as his keyboard. This way he does not have to keep his arm in a position higher than the keyboard while working that mouse.

We need to talk more about this in future posts.


Boomers-Protect Yourself Online-Part 3

It does not matter how safe some of the blogging software may be many boomers are still wary of doing anything on the internet. A recent article in Consumer Reports for September, 2007 shared 19 ways to stay safe online.

I am going to share seven(7) of those points with you. 

1.  Make sure the firewall in your computer activated. (Turned on) 

The operating system or software in your PC and Mac has built in security applications. In addition, turn on the online protection provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) For example, MSN, AOL, Comcast, etc. are ISP providers.


  1. Set your operating system and security software so it will update automatically.


I have often ignored the warnings to update or renew my security software. This is not a good idea. Although you may be busy and rushing on the computer be sure to take time to do this important task.


  1. Upgrade your computer and browser


Consumer reports suggests that we upgrade from lower versions of windows, explorer, firefox etc to current versions. The current versions have more security protections.



  1. Use public computers with care.


Do not use public computers at libraries, hotels etc., to do your financial homework.


  1. Never respond to emails asking for your personal information.


Do not get scared of that official looking web site. When they ask for your social security number, passwords and other personal information I just send it to spam.


  1. Watch what you download.


There are a lot of free games, utilities and other goodies that may be useful but full of viruses. Consumer reports suggests only downloading from well know manufacturers or trusted sites such as ,,

This is a very important point to remember when you have children and grandchildren who love to download stuff on your computer.


  1. Report  phishing.


Before I give the summary here you must know what this strange term phishing means. I like the definition that Wikipedia gives:

In computing Phishing attacks use both social engineering and technical subterfuge to steal consumers’ personal identity data and financial account credentials. Social-engineering schemes use ‘spoofed’ e-mails to lead consumers to counterfeit websites designed to trick recipients into divulging financial data such as credit card numbers, account user names, passwords and social security numbers. Hijacking brand names of banks, e-retailers and credit card companies, phishers often convince recipients to respond.Ebay and PayPal are two of the most targeted companies, and online banks are also common targets. Phishing is typically carried out by email or instant messaging., and often directs users to give details at a website, although phone contact has been used as well.  Attempts to deal with the growing number of reported phishing incidents include legislation user training, and technical measures.

So if we are careful and stay informed we can stay safe online.


Boomer Friendly Online Success-Learn From One of the Best!

If you want so real cutting edge, in your face and s implied stuff on online marketing please go visit Dr. Jeanette Cate’s course.

Ray and I took her class and here you have a boomer teaching boomers and everyone understood. (Smile) We installed our first wordpress blog and learned super internet marketing strategies. She also has one of the BEST BLOGS we know. So check out the course, Online Success and the blog TODAY!

Study, Study, Study her blog. She shows by doing the best way to have a high content blog that oozes with her passion.

PS She recently had a new grandchild. What a blessing!



What is an Index Page

You will hear and see this term a lot. The index page is the home page of your blog. It is the page that contains the most recent entry at the  top of the page.

So from this day forward never ever be intimidated if someone asks you “What was the last post on your index page?” Ha!


Boomers Can “Fight with Thier Fisks”

There is a blogging term called fisk. It’s a strange term that is named after a British Journalist named Robert Fisk. Now hold on everyone to this definition you are going to just love it.

***Fisk’s reporting and commentary style has made him the object of criticism, to the extent that some bloggers have coined the blogosphere term fisking (“a point-by-point refutation of a blog entry or a news story”).

That’s right you heard it here. If you want to fight an issue you can do it in your own critical style toe to toe and it is already a common practice in the blogging world.

Now think about this when deciding on what kind of blog you may want. You might have a fiery blog that criticizes positions you are against. You can post the issue and tear it apart as if you were a courtroom prosecutor. This is great for many of us Boomers who have some real important things to say and want to be heard.

I can think of some issues I am fired up about. That means I could take the posts that someone else has made and go point by point refuting each point. But WARNING remember your home training. If your mama never taught you to slander a person or gossip don’t start now!

As Boomers, we carry a lot of opinions that are often backed up with lots of experience and expertise. So I will not be surprised if some of you come up with some really cutting edge commentaries in your blogs.
I guess if I had to make one commentary about a possible downside of fisking it would be my concern that someone is personally attacked. I do not tolerate verbal abuse and so I guess my fisk would probably be against any posts that attempt to destroy a person.

Just remember you now know another name for what you may have been doing already in the blog world. Hopefully your fisking will make positive changes.

Do you have any issues you are going to fisk in your blog? Please share them in the comments. You can even practice by fisking this post.

also visit my wordsite when your get a chance. My private battle against verbal abuse.

Boomer-Are You Ready to Blog? 7 Things You Should Do Before You Start-Part 3

Decide what you are going to blog about.

In the last post I mentioned that you should be passionate and look at other blogs that share your passion.

When I first started blogging I did several blogs that were on topics I was passionate about. One of them I did on blogger ,and still exists, is on presentation tips that all begin with the letter “P. Since I am still and probably always be passionate about that expertise I will hopefully do more related to presentation tips.

Ray has another site, on art tips specifically for artists and art lovers. Of course that is one of his passions. Now we have other sites and they each reflect directly or indirectly an opportunity to express our passions. On some like another site that needs to be put up again on a different host, deal with passionate messages.

We have a site about verbal abuse. From that site we created a wordsblog. Now, clearly the messages are related to encouraging someone with postive words instead of abusing them with negative words.

You have passion messages and topics. Consider what you will blog about. You may not put up a blog for every message right now but once you start blogging you have that option if you have the time.

So, please take out a piece of plain paper and just start jotting down some topics and messages that are fired by you passions.

Decide after you circle at least 3 of them which will be your FIRST BLOG.