Get Some FREE Laptop Skills Training 30 Mins. Every WED

A friend of ours named Toolie has a great course she is doing on basic computer skills. It is called a laptop skills webinar. That’s right a webinar. That means you will have a phone number to call on a conference line while listening will also have a link to click to SEE what she is talking about right on  your screen.

This is great for boomers! She will be doing a guest article for this blog in future. Meanwhile get on over to her link and register for the session.

Right now we are enjoying her free webinar on google search tools. She has more in store. So if you want to take advantage of some good information in only 30 min. on a Wed. give her a shout out at.

Go to her link and sign up NOW for the next FREE CLASS.

PS. Even if you cannot make it sign up anyway you can go to a special page to  get the replay.

Ray  and Rosie

Are You Looking for the Video and Cartoon Ray Did Thursday Aug. 16?

A lot of you unfamiliar to blogging may have received a note to visit the blog and see the video and cartoon ray did. This is just a reminder that blogs go in reverse chronological order. In other words the last think we post will be first. After a few posts the postings will be in the archives.

Always look in the catorgories locate what you are looking for. All the posts will also be there.

If you have any problems just email me rosiehorner(at) or Ray -hornerart(at)

How am I doing Digital Defender?

Boomer-Are You Ready to Blog? 7 Things You Should Do Before You Start-Part 2

Set aside about 3 hours during the week to look at other blogs on topics you are passionate about.

If you divide the 3 hours into 30 min. segments it may mean you miss CSI or Law and Order but it will be a rich experience. I am listing some of the blog search engines. Now you will need to submit the name of the search engines I mention in this article into Google.

Once you do that the site should pop up. Place your keyword into the search engine. For example if you are passionate about dogs then you can place that word into the search engine and see the blogs in internet land that deal with dogs.

I suggest starting with things you are  passionate about because looking at topics you like will keep your attention longer. That makes sense right? For example a friend of mine loves cats and I suggested she look at blogs on cats.

If you want to further narrow the search you could key in a specie of dog or cat that you care about. This will also give you authors of blogs that you might want to connect with in the future.

One of my favorite search engines for blogs is Google’s blogsearch.  All you have to do is go to Google and key in the word blogsearch. It probably be the first option.  After all, it belongs to Google.

The others are listed below:








Boomer-Are You Ready to Blog?-7 Things You Should Do Before You Start-Part 1

Start with you MINDSET

I think all of you know what I mean. Most of us know the difference between a mindset that says “I want to retire” vs one that says “ I want to get refired” ( I also like to say “making a transition to do stuff I enjoy.”)

The same holds t rue with blogging. If you decide in your mind that you can do it than the rest is “Just do it”.

Now I know that sounds like a cliché and I do not say it lightly. Many of us face daily challenges and the older we get the more challenges we face. It truly is a tough life but someone has got to live it! If you really want to learn how to blog, you really can do it.

I met Stephen J Hopson two years ago at a National Speakers Association Conference in Orlando Florida. Stephen is a deaf pilot. His super blog , Adversity University should be read anytime you want to alter your mindset.

If after reading this post you are convinced that you just cannot blog then at least you have explored and acknowledge your feelings.  As long as you know the  difference between just not wanting to do something new vs not doing it because  you are afraid of failure or even of success.

So, please consider venturing out of your comfort zone and decide to blog your ideas, rants, expertise plus more. I am writing this to you right now as a black baby boomer woman born in the heart of the inner city on welfare. But even if I had not gone to college and graduate school I could still blog. If I can do it so can you. Just need the right mindset.


Boomers-Protect Yourself Online-Part 2

Just in case you did not see this comment I decided to repeat it as a post. I am hoping to get more stuff from experts like the Digital Defender. So security experts if you are out there, and I know you are, please send me articles to post with clear language us boomers can understand. Thanks so much

Here’s a tip for online protection for your email address. Spam “robots” scour the internet with automated spiders used to collect publicly posted email addresses from websites around the world. To avoid having your email address end up on a “CDROM with 600 million email addresses for only $99.00!” just use this tip:

When posting your email address publicly use a format that cannot be easily parsed by an automated spider. Here are a few examples:
Speaker AT(removeme)

Note that I left out the “@” symbol. Thats because my email hosting company will forward mail to anyone@ mydomain.

If you do not subscribe to that type of forwarding service you can include the “@” sign safely. When the spider collects this address from a publicly posted location, it will not be a emailable address.

Hope this is helpful!

Mike “America’s Digital Defender” Lattimore
email:speaker AT
Who’s Watching YOUR Computer?

Technorati-Powerful RSS Directory-What’s That?

I just signed up for Technorati. That is one of the most powerful RSS directories in the blogging world. Now, let me pause for a moment. What is RSS some of you are asking. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. The word simple may be in it but still does not sound simple. Well maybe maybe this will help. The RSS is also an acronym for Rich Site Summary. The terms represent all feed formats.

Feed Formats

A feed format is a summary of blog entries or posts that are displayed in newsreaders. The format(or language) used strips away all the graphic and other page elements. A feed will always have the heading and some of the text from the post. A feed gives the blogger the ability to syndicate the feed so that you really do not have to go to the blog to read it.  But the f eed always links back to the blog so t he reader can visit and leave a comment or what ever else they want to do.

Now, back to Technorati. It has been around for a long time. It indexes a database of over 16 million blogs. When you join the directory it will request that you either give them the password and user name to your blog or paste a code in your post so the spiders can search and insure that it is your blog. Well I am doing that right now. This is the link I want the spiders to find.

So I will be talking more, course I hope, about RSS and other directories. The main thing is to look for ways to make your blog visible to the world. Just because you build it does not mean folks will come.(smile)  Oh, here is the link for Technorati.


Blogging is more than a chance to rant

It is amazing how many Baby Boomers feel that blogging is a total self serving waste of time. Many have not looked twice at it because negative connections to chat rooms or political rants. Yet, even those have their place and readership with many people.

Note that when you blog you have entered into the BLOGOSPHERE. Now unless your blog is private the world can see it.The blogosphere is the universe of blogs and bloggers and the conversations that take place. There is a way to keep the conversation going and we will be talking about that here also.

Recently, a friend of mine became excited when I told her that even a personal blog can be monitized (Make money) even if you host it with a blogging system like blogger. Makes sense because blogger is owned by google and they make it real easy to set up a blog and host it with the blogspot in the domain name. One of the  tabs you will see when you set it up will be ADSENSE. That is the way folks can get revenue with google ads. But we will talk about that in other posts.

Some folks are excited to know they can write an entire book or booklet on a topic they like by combining all of their blogging posts. Thats right, a little systematic blogging can yield content that can be published. Now of course the objection I get is “Well all someone has to do is get all your good information of your blog.” That is so true. But I know few folks who will cut and paste 50 or so blog entries and compile them.

But do know that all your postings will be in an ARCHIVE. The archive is your blogs history of postings usually grouped by month and year. This is important to know when you are searching for your posts also.

Some folks also have such a powerful message that they want to get it out to as many people as possible. Blogging can give you that platform.

Blog on what you know and enjoy and develop a reason for doing it. Make it fun, informative and profitable at the same time.


What Can You Blog About?

You can blog about anything! For many people their purpose in life is to blog.(smile) Seriously, people blog about life, politics, religion, entertainment, gossip, art, and the list goes on. For example,if you create a news site it will be content about the lasted news stories.


The magic word here is CONTENT. The content will consist of articles, photos, videos, audios, sketches, and art. It all depends on the type of blog you have. Whatever form you take that content is sometimes called posts or entries. When someone says, “I posted to my blog today” that means they uploaded or wrote a new piece of content to the live blog site. Posts can be edited after they are published, if necessary or desired


The person doing the post is called the AUTHOR.  Yes, you can have multiple authors for a blog. But that must be set up in your blogging system. Most of the time blog authors develop their posts on a web-based interface built right into the blogging system itself.

Some blogging systems will also let you use programs like Outlook Express, Thunderbird (, and Eudora Mail to create your posts and post to the blog later.


And guess what, Some blogging tools offer you the ability to email your posts.directly to your blog, all without direct interaction through the blogging tool interface.  you can n your post content to a pre-determined email address your post is published!

This is a great time saver!

We have several blog we plan to set up but each will have a very specific purpose and related content. It is important not only for your intended audience but for your sanity.(smile)

So start now, if you haven’t already, thinking about content for your blog and how to start posting.