Can Help Boomer Bloggers to Succeed

Performancing is a must site for all bloggers. Baby boomers especially should be part of this powerful site. I just joined and enjoyed great spam-free reading in the timely and informative forums. Many of the posts will take you step by step and make you feel comfortable to ask questions.

Performancing is a community network with a strong focus on everything that will help a blogger succeed. That includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing, advertising, making money with your blog and internet applications . PLUS they provide a free resources such as pMetrics blog statistics package and our WordPress Themes site.

You must register with the site. An email will be sent to you with a one time password you can use. Be sure to reset it as soon as you sign into the site. Put up your picture, share your bio and you can post an article if you wish. I do not believe this site is a waste of blogging time.

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