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Podcast on Digging Deep With BlogCatalog

I interviewed Kevin Thompson, on how BlogCatalog increased traffic to his site. This session also took Ray and I step by step in digging deeper into the BlogCatalog community.

It really is a great way to market your site. Give it a try. We will report on others also. If you want to purchase a CD to play in your car just click here.

3 comments to Podcast on Digging Deep With BlogCatalog

  • This was tremendously informative. It is obvious to me that you are an excellent trainer by the nature of your questions, Rosie. Thank you! And thanks to Kevin for explaining things with such clarity! I look forward to networking on the BlogCatalog soon.

  • A cool and simple blog! that is what I found here in this lil space of ur’s.

  • Hye

    Thanks for sharing it. I have been searching for ways on how to increase my traffic with BlogCatalog and this is a great help to me. Thanks again 😀

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