RSS-What’s That? Pt. 5 -How To Subscribe To That Exciting Feed

Now you may have chosen a newsreader but how do you subscribe to a feed? It will be done by:

  • A bookmarklet on your browser.(For example FireFox is a browser)
  • Subscription links directly on the page
  • Subscription buttons on the page
  • XML.Chicklets

Let us begin with that strange thing I said above called XML.Chicket. It actually looks like a piece of candy all orange and yummy looking. The xml stands for EXTENSIBLE MARKUP LANGUAGE. It is truly techi talk. It is the computer language in which RSS is written. For some if you click on them you get a lot of computer language. You can right click on the chicklet and select COPY LINK LOCATION. Copy and paste the link into your newsreader.


A bookmarlet is a small butto that is attached to the toolbar of your browser. Now if your web newsreader has a bookmarlet follow the instructions to add it to the toolbar. Usually it is just a matter of taking your mouse and dragging the link to the tool bar from the newsreader. But check the instructions. Just try it at least one time.


Usually this is just text subscription links without a button, that says “subscribe to this blog” or “RSS feed for this blog.”


These buttons scream out for you to click them. We have a big bright colorful one on this blog. It will take you to a choice of three different newsreaders. Bloglines, google or yahoo. Some blogs also use the specific button from the newsreaders they use. This makes it real easy to subscribe to your favorite newsreader.

So this is just a quick summary but give it a try. I will do future posts perhaps on some of the newsreaders later. But thanks to the questions I was asked I think I am beginning to understand based on the research I have done. But there is lots more to learn and I will share it with you, if you wish.

I will also probably interview some experts for a podcast later.



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