More Blogging Tips From Blogging Betty Boomer-Part 2

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It has been a while but here is an audio note from Blogging Betty Boomer. Now audio notes are really cool. Once you click on this link a web page will open and her voice, recorded in the wee hours of boomer time, will be blasting. She does not sing or dance in this one, sorry.

Enjoy this audio note with tips from Blogging Betty Boomer.

I Just Added PressPush Plugin to my Blog Which Adds PubSubHubBub -it’s no Push Over

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Blogging Tips From Blogging Betty Boomer

Thanks to an excellent post by a fellow blogger Jeanne Kolanda in the blog challenge and another blogger Kevin Thompson I just installed a new plugin called PressPush.  Read Jeanne’s excellent post right here.

According to the brief description of the plugin before you install it on your blog it says:

This plugin adds PubSubHubbub ( PuSH ) support to your WordPress powered site. The main difference between this plugin and others is that it includes the hub features of PuSH, built right in. This means the updates will be sent directly from WordPress to your PuSH subscribers.

But  this baby boomer needed  to know more…

I read one post that I needed to revisit and dissect one sentence at a time.  Here is what I understood: It makes your RSS feeds connect very FAST via a hub. And it is open source and FREE.  It reminds me of my younger days, before cell phones, living in the projects. We would yell to the window and the person would hear our call and come to the window to let us know we were heard. It all happened in real time. No connections to a cell tower.

So, here is video on YouTube that explains it pretty nicely.