Social Bookmarking and Baby Boomers-Do You Have a Share Button?

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  • Social Bookmarking and Baby Boomers-Do You Have a Share Button?

Do you have a SHARE BUTTON on your blog? Regardless of the blogging platform, most blogs use some kind of SHARE BUTTON for social bookmarking. SHARE buttons enable you to easily bookmark a blog post on various social bookmarking sites.

There are many services that will give you a button for your blog. I am going to list a few  below. Before you decide on a service check the following:

  • How many bookmarking services do they provide?
  • Is the menu user friendly for your visitors?
  • Provide customization options?
  • Tracking?
  • Plugin or widgets for which blog platforms?
  • Are the buttons big enough for your visitors to see? (This is a real concern for me. I like bigger size for those who do not need to strain their eyes.

Here are a few SHARE buttons for your consideration.



Smart Sharing Button for WordPress blogs

Share This


I am challenging each and every baby boomer blogger reading this article to start step by step venturing into social media.  After all, do you remember when you first started thinking about blogging? Did it appeal to you or did you say, “Too Much Time”.

All I want you to do is download the Share This plugin if you are on Or if you are on Blogger, Typepad or any other blogging platform explore the sites above that will provide a SHARE button on your site. Please consider so we can all get more traffic. You wouldn’t mind having more traffic to your site do you? Ah, I think I heard a resounding YES!

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