Squidoo Lens-If You Build Them Will They Come?

Squidoo lens can really build more traffic to your site according to an excellent, I mean really super great discussion I heard tonight. Connie Green interviewed a dynamic expert named Mr. Colin Martin. Wow! I found myself doing a lens right along with Connie on the call.

If you are not already on her list please  join today. You will enjoy listening and learning the comprehensive hand holding sessions she has on Tuesday nights.

Oh the replay will only be up for a few days so hurry!! Click Here Now! 


2 thoughts on “Squidoo Lens-If You Build Them Will They Come?

  1. Yes Rosie, I had fun when I was doing my squidoo lens http://squidoo.com/healthvitalityhappiness and my ranking went up to 23 in the How To lenses but in order for your ranking to stay up(to continue to get visitors) you have to add something daily. There’s really not much interaction between people.

    You know my choice is Twitter for learning and meeting new exciting people.

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