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  • Bored With Blogging or Just Bogged Down?

    Have you gotten bored with blogging lately? Or are you just to busy to blog? I asked myself this question as I traveled home from visiting my mom in the rehab center.  I said ” Wow, I haven’t blogged in a very long time.” “Why?” Well it certainly wasn’t because I was bored. No, it […]

  • I Blog Because…

    Have you ever thought about why you blog?  I blog because I am happy? I blog because it is fun? I blog to make money? I blog to escape boredom? I blog for therapy?  I blog because I am a boomer and I want to exercise my brain? Why do you blog?

  • Do You Ever Get Tired of Blogging?

    Do you ever get tired of blogging? If your answer is yes, do you know why? If your answer is no, what are you doing to keep producing? Is it fiber, exercise or Geritol? Please share