FREE Baby Boomer Blogging Brain Stimulation Coloring Page

Sometimes your brain needs a little boost. So, it is helpful to take a few minutes, chill out and color. After you finish you will probably have some blogging ideas. Give it a try. Just click on the link below and you will get a FREE coloring page done by Ray Horner Jr. in a pdf format. It will print out .

Baby Boomer Brain Booster Coloring Page


New Blogger? Returning Blogger? Now is the Time to Work on Muscle Memory

blogging muscle memory

The other day an exercise teacher told the class that we would develop muscle memory if we kept repeating certain exercises. My question was “What if your muscles get dementia. But what she said made sense and I have started sharing that concept in my blogging classes. The more you blog the more you really do remember and can blog faster with less pain.

Try it. Set a goal today to create at least seven (7) blog posts in the next five (5) days. You can send me the links, if you wish, and I will visit. That helps to increase my comment memory. (smile)

Take care


How Much Traffic Has Your Mouse Pad Seen? Blog Motivation Tip For Baby Boomers

How much traffic has your mouse pad seen? The more you blog the more traffic your mouse pad should see. So here is a blog motivation tip. Get seven (7) mouse pads all with different messages and images. Rotate them and stimulate your blogging. So, what do you think?

The mouse pad below is from European photographer Kim Anderson set the world on fire with his timeless and nostalgic photographs of young children in oversized adult clothing. Can you imagine the great traffic you could provide on a mat like this? PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PAD IS STILL IN THE PLASTIC WITH THE COUPON INSIDE! I am posting it for sale on Ebay as soon as I finish this post.


When You Upgrade Your Blog Post to it

I just upgraded a blog that we had not posted on for a while. Guess what?  It motivated us to create a post on that site. Not only a post but started an entire series.

The blog we just posted to is called Fun in the Word. It is has a Christian focus and will often feature guest bloggers. Of course if that is not your cup of tea just skip this paragraph but please read the next paragraph.

So, just wanted to pass on this little blogging motivational tip. Look at your blogs and upgrade them if needed. But while you are doing this little chore find some blog food and post on it.

Of course if you are on a blogging platform that is hosted and not self-hosted the upgrade will be done automatically. But still look for those blogs that you have not posted on in several weeks and create a post.

Will you consider doing this?

A Swipe File for Blog Post Ideas?

The term”swipe file”  is often used related  to copywriting and advertising. (At least that is my knowledge of it probably more uses I don’t know about) It is when you see an idea, for example a great design and copy for an ad, you cut it out and file it.

You then refer to that file when you are looking for ideas to create your own design or copy. The idea is nothing is really new these days. The ideas stimulate your own  brain cells into action and you may borrow the colors or wording and add your own special touch.

When it comes to blogging you might see a post  like, “7 Ways To Pump Up Your Blogging” . Now, clearly this is a motivational post so you might say “I’ve got it, I will do a post called, “7 Ways to Put the ” B” Back into Your Blogging.”

Ok, that does it for the introduction, I want to share with you a really great post on using swipe files by signing up to a Google RSS reader.

Please enjoy and not only post a comment on this bloggers site but drop one here also. Remember, the more comments, the more links back to your site.

Sell Your Blog? Just the Preparation Can Motivate You To Blog More

Have you ever thought about selling one of your blogs? Well if you have been thinking about selling your gold then you probably considered selling a blog. Both are very valuable.

So, I decided to share some information that I am learning in my own research.  That’s right I am thinking about selling one of my blogs in the future. Yet, the posts below are helpful.

Think about preparing your house for sale. It is not an overnight job.  This is also true about your blog sale.  We need to assess it, prepare it and learn about the sales process. But an interesting thing happens when you about to sell your house. You clean it up and fix it up! Sometimes when you are finished you decide to stay? Well, I suspect when I get ready to sell one of my blogs, it will get cleaned up and fine tuned.

I have also included a book that is sold on Amazon about flipping your blog for cash. The title sounds a bit crude but you get the point.

Now one important note.  If you are on a hosted blog platform like Blogger, Live Journal, Yahoo 360 or YOU CANNOT SELL YOUR SITE. You need to transfer it and self-host it. After all how can we sell that we do not own? Yet, I train folks on the hosted sites to get their feet wet in blogging. But I encourage them to plan to self host those sites in the future.

Here are a few articles to get you thinking. I would love to hear from anyone who has sold their blogs.

Lorelle shares powerful insights on the things can make a blog sell. Why not start working on these things now?

Matthew Henrickson gets into some important details about preparing your blog behind the scenes to sell to your future buyer

Remarkablogger shares some basic guidelines in a short video. Be sure to read the comments also.

Here is the only book I found, so far, on Amazon about selling blogs. I am sure there are others. I have not read this one yet so I cannot give you a review.

7 Ways to Put the B Back In Your Blogging-Part 3

This entry is part [part not set] of 7 in the series 7 Ways to Put the B Back in Blogging

Blog With Pictures

As Long As There Is Life-Hold On!

As Long As There Is Life-Hold On!

This picture reminds me of blogging. This weed is working itself around a steel gate. It has decided that it wants to live. How often do we see our blog dying because of lack of traffic or your decreasing interest or energy?

This weed is a powerful reminder to keep finding ways to hold on to the reason you started blogging. As long as that blog has life on the internet KEEP BLOGGING.

I am challenging myself to start using more of the pictures I am taking in my blogs. The question is why?

  • Pictures add color and excitement to your blogging. .
  • You can make comparisions or contrasts with the image and your blog posts
  • Pictures can motivate you and your reader.
  • It will motivate you to take more pictures.

Meanwhile, if you want to read a short tutorial on how to add pictures check out one of my sites I use for folks I am coaching when they are just getting started in blogging.  In this post I am using and the info works on also. If you want help with Blogger let me know.

You can read that short poston adding pictures to your blog from your computer right now.

Any comments?

What Motivates You to Keep Blogging, and Blogging and Blogging Again?

What motivates you to keep blogging? Personally I have several things that pull me up when I am dragging. One of them is reconnecting to the reasons why I set up each and every blog I have.  It sometimes means sitting and looking at that blank space where a title is waiting to be written and saying to myself, “Why am I writing this post? Who do I want to read it?’ “What action do I hope will take place.?

Well, that sounds all well and good but sometimes I don’t even click on the “Add New” tab to bring up the blank post. I don’t even have it down as a task on my blogging task list. I don’t even want to look at my computer. I mean honestly folks has this ever happened to you? What kicks you in the pants and keep you movin, movin?