7 Things to do Before You MOVE Your Website to Your New Blog Home-Part 1

This entry is part [part not set] of 6 in the series 7 Things to do Before You Move to Blog Home

So, I have a host and now it is time to move  all the furniture and fixings  of my old static site to my new home. but wait, what will my new home look, feel and talk like? Well I find that it helps to have a a simple (or technical if you prefer) room layout.  I find it helps to ask yourself several questions. They include:

  • What will be the name of my blog?
  • Am I expanding my target market?
  • What will be my blog’s tagline?
  • What keywords will I use? Will they be the same as the ones I gave my webmaster for my static site?
  • What pages will I include?
  • What pages will I delete?
  • What links will I include ?
  • Do I want RSS feeds?
  • Do I want to include audio /podcasts?
  • Will I have video?
  • Will I change any p
  • How will I monetize my new site?
  • What will be my categories? I did not worry about that with my static site
  • Will my mission or vision statement change?
  • Pictures? I was thinner now I am wider.

Well this got me started.

I have a PRESENT FOR YOU.  Click on this link to get a FREE Blog Planning Form. No strings attached. It is one that my hubby and I developed to plan our blogs. Even if you answer half of the questions it will still make it easier to choose a theme.

Let us know if this form is helpful. You don’t have to use it just for moving a static site to a blog home. It works for any new blog.