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  • How To Get Dynamic Traffic To Your Blog Pt. 1

    Enjoy this powerful series by Guest Blogger Ron Whitaker OK, folks, history lesson time! Back in the 1800s American humorist Josh Billings made the following famous quote (actually, a little rhyme!): “I hate to be a kicker, I always long for peace, ┬ábut the wheel that does the squeaking is the one that gets the […]

  • Blog Food-Google Alerts Challenge

    How many of you are using Google Alerts as a source of blog food? Ok, I admit that sounds like a question I ask folks when I am doing blog training. But it is a critical question. Many of us are not tapping into this powerful, I mean powerful resource. Ok, what is Google Alerts? […]

  • 7 Ways to Put the B Back In Your Blogging-Part 3

    Blog With Pictures This picture reminds me of blogging. This weed is working itself around a steel gate. It has decided that it wants to live. How often do we see our blog dying because of lack of traffic or your decreasing interest or energy? This weed is a powerful reminder to keep finding ways […]