7 Ways to Put the B Back In Your Blogging-Part 2

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Now most of us always believe we are always sharing the facts. Yet, there may be times that we are merely sharing what moved us emotionally without checking out the facts.  When we blog reactions it is true that we will get a lot of comments that may counter our “reactive statements” . And it is true that the search engines may just love it. However, at what cost should we share information just for search engine juice?

Take a few minutes to read this post, written today on the Baby Boomer Knowledge Center on Spreading Misinformation on the Internet.

I firmly believe that when we take out time to assess our information sources and realize the power of our posts that it will make us better baby boomer bloggers. What do you think?

And please note that there are many times we may, as the article points out, spread information with the intention of helping. But as bloggers, we have the ability to post a quick retraction when we find out the truth. Not only that, we should edit the older post with the retraction as well.

What do you think?