Is Blogging on Labor Day Really Labor? 5 Types of Bloggers Say NO

There are, based on my observation, three types of bloggers that will blog on Labor Day.

Blogger Type #1

The Money Maker

Now this blogger has systems in place on their blogs. They have affiliates, ads, and articles that provide great content. They are blogging to send more traffic to their sites so that folks will buy and or promote their stuff. Even if they are on a cruise they probably set their blog to auto posting for the holiday. Not only do they make money in the sleep but while they are deep in conversation at a party.

Blogger Type 2

The Therapeutic Blogger

This blogger gets rid of stress by blogging. They may share the drama of the week and how it was resolved. Or they may rant about an injustice. In addition, they can vent their vibes about a current event.

Blogger Type #3

The Social Event Blogger

Before the day is over this blogger will share pictures and people connections about the happenings on this day. It could be a trip to the mall for sales or a great movie and dinner details.

Blogger Type #4

The Back To School Blogger

This blogger is sharing the excitement, extra duties, or encouragement for an upcoming school year. May include teachers who are setting up new blogs for the school year aimed at peers or students.

Blogger Type #5

The Caregiver Blogger

This blogger may share tips for other caregivers about resources or recent events related to caregiving. Since care giving seldom gets a holiday these bloggers rarely refrain from blogging when they can.

Regardless of the blog type many folks enjoy reading blogs on a Labor Day  as much as they enjoy watching the TV marathons.

Did I miss anyone?