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  • 7 Twitter Tools For WordPress PLUS FREE Teleseminar

    Here are 7 Twitter tools for WordPress shared by Earnblogger. Also, combine this information with a FREE ACTION guide and teleseminar given by Social Marketing Expert Cathy Perkins. Now, I realize this is a very busy post. You have already jumped from one blog to another. Now, I am going to let you know that […]

  • How Does Your Blog Site Score?

    Do you know how your blog scores with Search Engine Optimization?(SEO) Well, I plugged a couple of mine into this really great free tool and found out that I have a lot of work to do. Give it a try at Website Grader.

  • Do You Blog On A Mac?

    If you blog on a Mac you just must listen to these dynamic podcasts at the Mac Roundtable. But beware, lots of meaty, challenging and empowering information. Special thanks to my Baby Boomer Hubby, Ray Horner who came home all excited about this resource. Enjoy. Once again go to the Mac Roundtable.

  • What Is Stopping You From Blogging?

    What is stopping you from blogging? Many are reading this blog who are not yet blogging. Why? Many answers I hear in my classes are: “I’ve heard of it but I don’t have time to gossip” “What would I say?” “I don’t understand why anyone would want someone to make comments.” “I have to work […]

  • What Is Blogging-Video From Common Craft

    This is a really simple and easy explanation about blogging. I enjoy the work they produce. Look for more posts from them.

  • Are Your Permalinks Naked?

    Do you have naked permalinks? That means they are not clothed with a clear indication of what they are all about. When was the last time you looked at your permalinks? Ok,  let me STOP HERE and ask ,what are permalinks? Well I really like the definiltion by WordPress which says: Permalinks are the permanent […]

  • Got Tools? Get PC Tools With Toolie

     Learning PC tools can be easy or hard. Toolie is an outstanding Baby Boomer who knows her stuff and makes it easy. I know because I have taken  her classes. I LEARNED A LOT THAT HELPED ME WITH BLOGGING ALSO . For example the stuff in the code section of my wordpress blog is no longer […]

  • Web 2.O Basics and Blogging

    Are you ready to learn the basics of web2.0? Are you ready to explore this technology with blogging basics? Well, if the answer is yes, The WordPress Wizard has a brand new class starting on Thursday. You can check it out right here.

  • 3 Reasons To Join Blog Catalog

    Blog Catalog is a blog directory that has matured to a lean and must-be-seen-blogging machine. There are 3 solid reasons why I encourage you to join this active blog directory. 1. Great link traffic back to your site. There are loads of opportunities to exchange links with other bloggers, get comments to your sites. 2. […]

  • Social Networks-IMEDIX

    Social network and health research are merged with the launch of Imedix. This social network site is easy to use and aimed at providing answers to health questions from people. This site is easy to sign up with. Although they have an option for your birth date it is not a required field. Now , […]