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  • We’ve Come a Long Way Baby Boomers-Social Media Has Replaced the Water Cooler?

    Has social media replaced the water cooler? Some of you remember the live chats during the breaks in your work day? Many of us are working alone at our computers. When we have to ask questions we will check with an online friend or group. For example, I do Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and working on […]

  • 5 Pittsburgh Steeler and 5 Green Bay Packers Blogs for Boomer Bloggers

    Are you planning to look at blogs about the two Superbowl giants Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers this week? If yes, I thought you would enjoy looking at some popular blogs dedicated to the teams. So I have listed five (5) blogs for each team and the current post. Perhaps it may give you […]

  • Why And How I Moved My Static Website to a Dynamic Blogging Home Part 1

    Yes, I finally moved my static website to a dynamic blogging home. And quoting my wonderful webmaster, “This is a good move. Now it will be easier for you to update your site.” Now, it is important to note that I did not make the move until after I started blogging. What Made My Website […]

  • Baby Boomer Divas Weekend-You Are Invited

    October, 17, 2009 is the Baby Boomer Diva Weekend in Raleigh NC on Social Media. View this special invitation. You just saw a few of the many awesome baby boomer diva’s in this short video. Can you imagine what it will be like to attend power-packed, information satuated and eye opening weekend? You will not […]

  • A Swipe File for Blog Post Ideas?

    The term”swipe file”¬† is often used related¬† to copywriting and advertising. (At least that is my knowledge of it probably more uses I don’t know about) It is when you see an idea, for example a great design and copy for an ad, you cut it out and file it. You then refer to that […]

  • James Brown Blogging-Which Song Would Your’s Be?

    If you had to pick a song done by James Brown which would reflect your blogging style? I had a deep reflection on this (about 3 seconds) and determined that mine would be “Get on the Good Foot”. I broke my leg once and that song motivated me to lean my dance with my cast […]

  • Google Labs-Do Blog Content Research With Google Trends

    Hi, I am in space now at Google Labs. Today I am exploring Google Trends. I thought that Wikepedia did a great job providing a summary of this application. Call it my Spock consult which says: Google Trends shows how often a particular search term is entered relative the total search volume across various regions […]

  • Blogging Wisdom

    What are other baby boomer bloggers thinking? What is their blogging wisdom? I just read an interesting post by David Au on blogging and wanted to share it with you. What are your recent blogging insights and wisdom?