Do You Know When Someone Makes a Comment About Your Topic on a Blog?

Do you know how to track when someone makes a comment on your area of interest on a blog? Now, I am not talking about Google Alerts which all of you should have on your topic area as well as your name. But I am talking about using a tool I blogged about a while ago called Backtype.

Now, that post was on keeping track of the comments YOU made on other blogs. But recently I revisited my account and used it to send me postings to my email, much like Google Alerts, when ever my topic of interest appeared in a blog as a comment.

Hence,  topics , Public Health and baby boomers gave me much to read. This is, indeed, a powerful resource and research blogging tool.

So, here is my challenge for you.  Go to Backtype and start an account. Make this tool work for you. Will you consider it?

Comment Power

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How I Got 30 Comments In 10 Minutes

I got 30 comments in only 10 minutes. How? It was real simple and you can do it too-BUT I HOPE YOU DON’T.!

After my husband and I upgraded 9 of our sites to Version 2.7 we forgot, in the heat of upgrade passion, to ACTIVATE one of our plugins. Namely, Akismet. You know the one behind the scenes catching all that funky spam.

So when I got all those comment notifications in my email, of course I was delighted. But all of them were spam. Boo hoo. So, after a bulk deletion, all the spam was gone. And I made sure that I activated that wonderful Akismet plug in.

So don’t you make the same mistake.