What is Vishing?

I came across an excellent post warning about the practice of “vishing”. It is a serious scam. As bloggers we can get almost too comfortable online. We may think we have a lot of awareness and never ever get caught in a scam. That is not true.

Yet, if you are a non-baby boomer blogger or even know someone who is stillĀ  afriad to do more than play solitary online, this is just the kind of information used as the meat for that statement, “See I told you to keep off that computer”

I just want to add that I found the article that informed me about “vishing” on a blog! Ha So here are a few definitions direct from good old Google definitions. And after the definitions you will see a link to the blog post on “vishing”. Please print it out and share with those who ONLY do emailing.

Definitions of Vishing on the Web:

Vishing is the criminal practice of using social engineering over the telephone system, most often using features facilitated by Voice over IP …

Vish – In the game of Vish (short for vicious circle), players compete to find circularity in dictionary definitions. …

is the practice of leveraging Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to trick private personal and financial information from the public …

Vishing is a type of phishing attack that targeted VoIP. It can be used by the attacker to steal the identities or money of the victim.

Read this insightful blog post on ‘”vishing.”