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  • Do You Know the Difference Between a Facebook Page and Group?

    This is a clear, concise and easy to understand blog post on the difference between Facebook pages and Facebook Groups. I think because it is a table format it makes it easier to glean the information. I love tables and you can add tables to your blog with the right plug-in or if you know […]

  • Facebook Update News

    There is a post I just read about Facebook allowing you to change your vanity name. So check it out when you have a nano moment.

  • Facebook Usage By Countries

    Here is an eye-popping look at Facebook usage by Countries. This comprehensive analysis was done by a veteran blogger and public relations specialist, Nick Burcher.Note that the author used advertising information from Facebook for the statistical source. An interesting challenge is to write down several country names, i.e., France, Italy, Russia, China, USA. Place a […]

  • Urgent Transmission About Facebook HiJacking

    We interrupt our Google Labs exploration to share an urgent transmission we received from earth about   Facebook hijacking activity.