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  • How to See and Manage Your Email Subscriptions in Feedburner

    There was a comment on the post I made yesterday. The question asked referred to the Feedburner emails that are obtained when someone subscribes to your blog via email. Now I am posting a short video that I feel is clear and explains how to view the actual emails that you get via the Feedburner […]

  • 7 Things to do Before You MOVE Your Website to Your New Blog Home-Part 5

    By now you have create a floor layout of your blog with the FREE BLOG Planning Form. You choose a host, have painted the walls by choosing a theme,  and you hung up a sign letting folks know that an exciting thing is going to happen in this new home. You also called the Security […]

  • Do You Have A Feedburner Account?

    Feedburner is now owned by Google. You should, if you do not have an account. This is especially helpful for folks using Blogger platforms because it is another way of getting stats for your site. So go and study the site. Activate some of the features. If you want a tutorial or two about it […]