How To Create A One Page Sales Letter In

Need a one page sales letter? Can you do it in Is it hard? Do I need a Webmaster? Do you need Frontpage or dreamweaver?

I could not believe how very easy it was to do. Cathy, The Word Press Wizard, gave it all away in one of her free weekly teleseminars. She shows you how to create a one page sales site in NOTE THAT I SAID WORDPRESS.ORG NOT WORDPRESS.COM

You cannot do any form of advertising on a hosted site.

I must admit I am late listening to the replay. (That’s right, she actually saves the classes as replays and sends it to you if you are on her mailing list.) Now hold on, she also has a dynamic Action Guide. She went step by step showing you how to make the one page site and you actually will understand it.

But don’t leave after the lesson. Listen to all the questions folks submitted. They are golden.

So here is the link –look for the session dated August 20,2008, for that teleseminar.

PS Be sure to go and listen to the other powerful sessions. I don’t know how long she will be giving these golden nuggets away so listen to them as soon as you can.

If you do not understand it I will give you your money back! HA!