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  • I Have Returned From Google Labs Adventure

    I have returned from the Google Lab Adventure but I am keeping my connection. You see, while I was there I was able to get a really special cell phone that connects me to the Google Lab planets without charge. How cool is that? I also thank the two officers who made the trip with […]

  • Started Blogging 101 Series on Google Moderator

    Started a new series on Google Moderator. However, because bugs still need to be worked out, only featured series are seen right now. Now, I am hoping this becomes featured. But help the folks at Google out by posting a question to their support or via their current series on application bugs. I might just […]

  • Google Labs-Google Moderator

    We collected a  valuable specimen we are taking home from the planet we are now on in Google Labs called Google Moderator. Below is a tip that was shared as part of a series of discussions. The tip below was from a very popular discussion called Take a Tip Share a Tip. It currently has […]

  • How To Use Google Trends

    The jouney into space exploring Google Labs continues. I have keyed in terms like blogging, baby boomers and coin collecting. Very interesting to see the trends in different countries. Also several news articles often appear. As I explore Google Trends I found a specimen on this planet that gives you the information needed to make […]

  • Google Labs-Do Blog Content Research With Google Trends

    Hi, I am in space now at Google Labs. Today I am exploring Google Trends. I thought that Wikepedia did a great job providing a summary of this application. Call it my Spock consult which says: Google Trends shows how often a particular search term is entered relative the total search volume across various regions […]

  • Boomer Bloggers Be Bold-Explore Google Labs As Ultimate Star Trek Trip

    Remember Star Trek? They explored space, places when humans had never been before. They didn’t know what they would encounter but did not let fear of the unknown stop them. Well, I have to often catch myself from NOT learning things because of stupid excuses like, “too much time”, “will never learn it” “looks way […]