Search For Images With Pictures Instead of Words?-Google Labs

Have  you ever thought about searching for images using pictures instead of words? Well, we have landed on a planet called Google Similar Images during our exploration of Google Labs.

What this program will do is allow the opportunity to key in a search item and  then click on the Silmilar Image link under an image to find other images that look like it.  When you go to the top of the page there are drop down menus that allow you to search in different image sizes.

Under the Google logo are three drop down menu options on the Images toolbar. You can show:

All Image Sizes or

Extra large Images

Large images

Medium images

Small images


Any Content or

News Content



Clip Art

Line Drawings

Photo Content



12 Color options are available

What I tried

I searched on several items using all the options. One search was on artist, hubby, Ray Horner  both with the jr. in is name and without.  (Yes, there was a difference) After playing with all the image options I went back and clicked on the link under one of the search results.

Now this was a cartoon he did about Blogging Betty Boomer at the water cooler. Clicking on the link showed other cartoons. Many involved water color activity. Very interesting.

So, give this planet a try and see what your search shows. Would love to hear about about it.