More on Gravatars

After writing a short introduction post to gravatars someone wrote a very detailed and wonderful post on the topic. I mean this post is basic 101 which is just what many folks need when they do not have a clue how to get that cute image up on their sites.

I found out about the post when I got a comment on this site. That’s right new bloggers when you comment about a blog post and include the url often the site you mentioned will be notified. That is cool.

Ok, this post is very well written just like the entire site. If you have a home business you will want to hang around a bit to glean more insights. So, I am going to subscribe so I can stay updated. That is just the way blogging works. That’s why I love it.

So, check out this excellent , clear and well illustrated post on gravatars.

PS the picture used in the post illustration is a handsome picture of a baby boomer, can’t get any better than that.