Do You Blog Like You Hula?

Baby Boomers, Hula hoops and Blogging

Baby Boomers, Hula hoops and Blogging

Baby Boomers-

How many of you are blogging like you handle a hula hoop?

  • Some of us have forgotten how to hula and seldom consider picking it up again.¬† I have a few blogs that have been neglected. Sure I used to be consistant and kept my stats up like a hula on my hips. But now I need to go back and practice once again.
  • Some of us get that hula on our hips and as soon as it starts losing momentum and slides down we just don’t know how to scoop down and bring it back up. I got hacked two times. It is not a good thing. I was ready to let that blog go to blog heaven. But then I decided not to give up and picked it up and kept blogging.¬† NOTE: That’s why I am taking Cathy Perkins¬† security workshop to prevent that blog from slipping off my hips again.
  • Some of us have never had a hula on our hips. Not that you don’t want to but just need someone to push it around your waist until you can keep it going. Well, you may be feeling like that when it comes to blogging. That’s why I am doing a “hold you hand” blog class to get your hula going.

Oh, did I mention that some folks can work the hula hoop on their neck and arms?