What Does Obama’s Inauguration Have In Common With First Time Bloggers?

Today is the first day that Obama will be president of the United States.  He has never, ever done this before. Have you thought about blogging but decided that it was not the opportunity you wanted to pursue?

As I chatted with my husband today I reflected on my first time doing something I was challenged by doing. I mean it took a real mental resolve to learn how to blog and then keep learning.  Did it involve change? Yes! Did it involve time? Yes! Did it involve persistence to go beyond my fears, anxieties and the “but what if I make a mistake” feelings. YES

Yet, like Obama, when faced with the new challenges ahead for all still thinking about or still struggling with blogging, we need to take our experience and expertise as baby boomers to the table and START.

I have been blogging for a while now and with 10 blogs between hubby and I, there is still so much to learn. Whenever, we coach new folks who, sometimes, come kicking and fussing to the computer, it is rewarding to see them evolve, emerge and even empower others.

We are personally looking at some challenges. Ray, is teaching a particular Art medium class he has never taught before. I am jumping into internet marketing areas of learning I have never experienced before.  But I recall the first time I wrote a blog post, the first time I got a comment, and the first time I made a mistake and recovered from it.

Remember, you are not alone. Remember that there change is part of growth. Remember that nothing happens unless we START.