7 Highly Rated Crypto-Wallets Baby Boomer Bloggers Doing Research Should Know About

Many Baby Boomers may have decided to tip their big toe into NFT’s. (Non-Fungible-Tokens). It has been all the rave lately and I am sure some of the grand kids or children might be chatting about it. As a result some of you may be researching or actually creating, selling or trading NFT’s.

If you are a babyboomer blogger exploring NFT’s please share a link to your blog in the comments.

Meanwhile, here is a good video explaining the top cryto-wallets. This is a critical aspect since any buying, selling or trading will be done using a money wallet. Please note also that we are not talking about US dollars. The language has changed so you are looking at “ethereum” “teter” “bitcoins” etc.

Do not be intimidated by this video. Look at it several times if you must just to hearĀ  the language. But we must startĀ  learning.

Click this link to view the video on the site Beincrypto