Do You Know When Someone Makes a Comment About Your Topic on a Blog?

Do you know how to track when someone makes a comment on your area of interest on a blog? Now, I am not talking about Google Alerts which all of you should have on your topic area as well as your name. But I am talking about using a tool I blogged about a while ago called Backtype.

Now, that post was on keeping track of the comments YOU made on other blogs. But recently I revisited my account and used it to send me postings to my email, much like Google Alerts, when ever my topic of interest appeared in a blog as a comment.

Hence,  topics , Public Health and baby boomers gave me much to read. This is, indeed, a powerful resource and research blogging tool.

So, here is my challenge for you.  Go to Backtype and start an account. Make this tool work for you. Will you consider it?