Social Bookmarking and Baby Boomers-Blog Comment Before Bookmarking

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I urge you to use social bookmarking as part of your blogging strategy. However, when you are about to make a comment on a blog, do that first. Comments and bookmarking command separate attention and time.

Follow this little scenario for a few moments.

I just went to the blog of someone who posted a comment on my blog. Now, as bloggers with good home training, we will reciprocate by  posting a comment on that person’s blog. (Of course I am not referring to the spammers or hateful) So I read a post that captured my attention because of the title.  I was hooked. Not only was the content exceptional but I was ready to follow the steps right away.

But I knew that I needed to curb my enthusiasm and be about the business of writing my comment. I put the link to the article in a notepad on my comuter. Then I  proceeded to make my comment. But, oh my, I was just about to enter the comment box when I saw those SHARE BUTTONS STARING BECKONING ME TO CLICK ON THEM. I thought to myself, “Haven’t I been preaching about  this to others lately?” And if you know anything about me, I really do try to practice what I preach. So, I brought my curser out of the comment box and scanned the available options.

Now, I was ready to bookmark  as well as connect with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I had my passwords right next to me. No excuse, this was going to be done. So, I started with Digg. After signing in I Dugg the post. Then I decided to check my other submissions. Did anyone Digg them? Then I went to the popularDiggs. Later, after about 5 minutes, I went back to the post. Instead of clicking off the tab I clicked the back button 1, 000 times.

Then I was back at the blog post. I decided to go to Stumbleupon but then thought perhaps I should Tweet it also. After clicking on the Twitter button I signed in and tweeted the post. I then retweeted a few posts that were current. I then preceded to check if I had any direct messages, retweets or if anyone used my name in a tweet. Wow, what else was happening in the blog30# world I needed to check that too.

Oh my, time to get back to the comment I was going to leave on the post. So I tracked back again. At this point, after answering the phone, I decided to create my comment. I would get back to the other bookmarks or social networks later.

The bottom line is sometimes it is better to stay focused on the comment. Then focus on the social bookmarking. As baby boomers many of his have such varied exciting interests that we are easily distracted by other interests. Commenting demands it’s own attention and bookmarking must be given it’s valued attention as well.

Does this make any sense?