Google Labs-Google Moderator

We collected a  valuable specimen we are taking home from the planet we are now on in Google Labs called Google Moderator.

Below is a tip that was shared as part of a series of discussions. The tip below was from a very popular discussion called Take a Tip Share a Tip. It currently has 6,319 users and 5.019 tips, and 73,814 votes.  This section was money saving tips.
“Share wireless internet with your neighbor(s). I have done this for more than a year. We split the cost, and we’ve never had a problem with lack of speed.”Mickeyfinn, Chicago, IL

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Please go and play, comment and get some great information. It is a serious application. Just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know about it. Must go back and explore some more.  Going to the Tech section or maybe food.

Hey, think I should start one on blogging?????