Widget Woes In WordPress 2.6.2

I thought I was just over tired, timed out or in the twilight zone. My widgets would not work! I found myself clicking on the edit and they ignored me. So, I switched themes and had the same problem. Finally, I went to the good old wordpress forumn and found out that I was not alone.

It appears that many are having challenges with the new version of WordPress 2.6.2 when it comes to widgets. So I decided to post a link from the forumn so you can keep up with the discussion. Also, I wanted to encourage you to visit there often it is worth it’s weight in gold to read the posts made by folks who know so much more.

As well if you are on blogger.com, typepad or any blogging platform-visit and participate in the forumns.

Here is the link I promised.



After I clicked on the theme to reactivate it my widgets worked! Go figure. So much to learn that’s why asking questions and having challenges help us to grow (not grey hairs) but experiance and expertise. (The grey hairs come naturally-HA!