Thank YOU For Your Short Blogging Stories-More Please

I want to thank Janey  of For Ever Kind of Young and Ralph of Ralph Carlson Blog for sharing why they started blogging. But I know there are more stories. Please share

If you have a really long story and do not want to post as a comment just email me rosie(at) and I will make it a special post.

6 thoughts on “Thank YOU For Your Short Blogging Stories-More Please

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  2. I started blogging because I wrote a book on baby boomer women and was told by publishing professionals that, in order to attract an agent and a publisher, I needed to have a national platform. WHAT?!
    But one of my friends came to the rescue and suggested I start a blog. Although reluctant to do so, I began. Funny thing, I started LOVING it! My book remains unpublished but my blog, Feisty Side of Fifty, has gained in popularity and I’ve started a radio show of the same name.
    Now, I’ve published a book on a topic I know really well–job search tips and techniques for jobseekers in midlife–all because I ventured into the world of blogging. I highly recommend it!

  3. Eileen,

    We share something in common blogging and helping job seekers. In fact I started blog with that in mind about 5 years ago then found the world of blogging fascinating. I too was prodded by a friend (Blogging Betty Boomer) to start blogging. She bugged me until I gave in.

    I am so glad I did. I have learned how to build web and membership sites as a result. One of these sites is: where I discuss career well being.

    Please feel free to drop by and make a comment.

  4. I stumble across your boomer blog and really love reading some interesting reply from people.

    I guess boomers like us always have to find ways to keep improving our social lifetyles..and blogging is a cool thing to start.

    Jack Lenon

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