Twitter Talk-Retweeting

Here is a great post explaining a Retweet and how to do it on Twitter. I


Read this excellent article on the impact of doing a simple thing like retweets in viral communication in our businesses and organizations.

Please note that I am going to start doing RETWEETS! IF, you want to join me follow my good friend, and alter ego, We can all practice. Also, if you see me doing something wrong let me know.

1 thought on “Twitter Talk-Retweeting

  1. Insightful post thankyou ! I am new to Twitter and I have found Re-tweeing a fantastic way to segway into another stream of followers. Wow, what a fantastic era for technology and exciting times we live in – I love the fact that there is an undercurrent of technology users that are working underneath the BS to generate the value of real opinions out there! I am hooked to this new way of communicating with other like minded people and I totally love it !

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