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If you want to really expand your horizans and blogging experienceplus submit your blog to international search engines you want to visit and explore Colosuss.

This is what the about page on the site says:

Search Engine Colossus: International Directory of Search Engines can be looked upon as an effort to give the internet “structure”. This WWW roadmap allows surfers to efficiently gain access to the far reaches of the net!

It is hoped that visitors will have an informative, fascinating internet surfing experience as they gain better understanding of their fellow world citizens.

Search Engine Colossus first went online in April, 1998 and it now has about 3300 or so listings from 351 countries and territories around the world!

Note: For a “territory” to be listed, it must have an autonomous government, or officially be declared a “nation or republic”. Unrecognized countries are also listed. The point is to open up communication to other societies, not to erect barriers. The world is much more complicated a place than your basic 20th Century “Nation State” world view presented in atlases, the United Nations, or “March in of Athletes” at the Olympic Games.

Search Engine Colossus originates from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Contact: Bryan Strome
So, I am off to explore it now and hope you have fun also. I will see it as a virtual vacation.

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