We Did it! 70 Posts in 30 Days!

This blog was set up on Aug. 13, 2007. I challenged us to create 70 content driven, quality posts in 30 days. I know it may sound strange but it was a great self motivator. This challenge not only taught us a lot of information but it increased our search engine placement.

As baby boomers this challenge gave us inspiration and energy.  We strongly suggest that you set a goal for your blog. Do short term goals then set some more. Keep the information fresh and full of information you also want to research and learn.

We will continue to post relevant information so just let us know more of what you want to hear. We plan to have more Blogging Betty Boomer cartoons, podcasts and videos. We may also have a few teleseminars. Would you attend?

So we hope you continue to hang in there with us, teach us, talk with us and take the time to learn with us.

Ray and Rosie

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