Web 2.0-Ask City

I was sitting at my computer when my hubby came in and asked me a question about a car he saw on TV. I asked him, “What’s the name of the car?” After he told me the name I asked for the closest dealership. Of course it was Mercedes. I decided to go to a really great search engine for map directions called AskCity.

Here I keyed in the name of the dealership and town. That’s the only information I gave the site.  It gave me a satelitte view of the business, a birds eye view of the business with surrounding buildings and the traffic. Then it gave me the option of entering a starting point so I could drive directly to the dealership and buy the car, If I was so inclined. I can also search for movies and events in the area to really make the car purchase a real celebration.

In addition, you can zoom in to map as well as zoom out. There is more that you can do also. Just play with it when you have a chance.

Check out this post for more tips and tricks related to AskCity.

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